Do you own your dog, or does your dog own you?

Having a dog as a companion can be very rewarding, but sometimes things don’t go as planned & problems with your dog may arise.

Dogs are complex creatures, each one a unique personality.

There is a closeness which can develop between you and your dog and I’m sure you will want to do all you can to support this special relationship. Every dog is different regardless of breed and it’s important to develop an understanding of your dog’s behaviour and his basic needs

I can guide you through such considerations as:

The strengths and needs of different breed types Making the home safe and dog friendly How to speak Dog and develop his vocabulary Setting household rules How to bring about calm and dependable behaviour through everyday life skills and the mutual respect this encourages.

I have been drawn to dogs from the moment I could reach out to touch them Something akin to alchemy happens between people and dogs …a special bond…. and the massive potential this provides for a lifelong bond. I really want you to enjoy your dog. And that means understanding him, supporting him through his learning challenges and sharing in pleasurable activities with him.

I’m aware that owning a dog is a big responsibility and at times a challenge, but when you understand why he does things and when you know how to teach him and he understands what the boundaries are, he will rise to your expectations and you’ll both have a happier time together. ‘No stress just adventures’