Bespoke Programmes

Tailored to your needs!

Before You Get Your Dog

You’ve decided you want a dog as a pet!

A personalised session with Marian can greatly assist in all the necessary preparation that’s required to get your home pet friendly, prepare you and your family for the responsibilities and the good times ahead.

These sessions are very proactive and can be very preventative and set the scene for a smooth transition into your home and your family which can lead to a happier, calmer pet.

Understanding the psychology and practical needs of your pet can lead to strong bond between owner and dog. Prevention is always preferable to cure!

Life Skills and Good Manners for Daily Life

Your dog will require sound coping strategies to share in the daily activities of your life. A calm, well behaved and happy dog will be the companion you can enjoy and be proud to take with you to a variety of places again and again.

I can work with you to build your confidence and your pet’s confidence for the varying situations of your lifestyle. Using subtle communication techniques to anticipate, guide and direct your dog’s behaviour and minimise stress for both owner and dog.

Separation Anxiety

can cause your dog to display behaviour which is a challenge for you the owner to manage and at times disturbing to witness. If not managed, this can become deeply set causing your pet increasing distress as time passes.

I can provide you with a deeper understanding of your pet’s state of mind and a programme to assist you to steadily modify behaviour which is more manageable for you and much more comfortable for your pet.

Children - Dog Awareness and Safety Sessions

Specially designed workshops which can be for a groups of children or for families with children aimed at increasing awareness and providing skills.

These skills will enable children to understand dog behaviour, be smarter around dogs and to learn ‘Dog Speak’. This valuable programme will encourage mutual respect between child and dog, reducing the risk of unwanted behaviour