"Hi Marian , Thanks for your time today , I can honestly say that that was the best 2 hours of training we've ever experienced and we've learnt so much about how our Dog thinks as opposed to how we think , you are extremely intuitive and we believe that together,,, we will succeed in rearing a beautiful dog , Thank you !!!"

Lee and Karen Coats, Lichfield

"Hi Marian. Thank you so much for your time and help yesterday. Not only was it fascinating to listen to you but you have given us some great advice and help. We started more brain games straight away. I will keep you posted. Again, thank you so much"

Helen, Tim (Lichfield)

"Henry is doing so, so well. He has his bad days but on the whole there is a huge improvement and he continues to improve also. He is so happy in the pub we literally have to drag him out when it's time to go. Once again you have worked your magic and sprinkled the Marian dust to transform our little man. Thank you xx"

Susan & Geoff Fradley Junction

"Marian offered us a wonderful, personal service, in which we learned a lot of unexpected aspects of canine body language & some fabulous tips on how to behave around our pets"

Fiona Atkins, Staffordshire

" It was great that we could tailor the programme to suit our needs and only pay for as much of Marian's time that we needed."

Leon, Staffordshire

In my opinion, you can't get anyone with better knowledge than Marian.

Vicky, South Derbyshire

Recently I have given a home to a five year old basset hound, and straight away I experienced some problems. I have had a number of mature dogs in the past that I have taken on and most of them have had issues of some kind, but this boy was different, among other attributes, bassets are very stubborn by nature. I have known Marian for some time and heard how she has helped many owners and their dogs with a variety of problems but never needed to call on her professional help before.

I now have a different dog with Marian's help and advice, my situation has turned from, "What on earth have I done" into, "I am so pleased that I did". I am looking forward to getting to know my dog. I am sure other issues will present themselves during the time of his adjustment to a new life but I know that Marian will always be there if I need her.

Shirley & Alfie Lichfield area

I was very impressed with the service that Marian provided, her attention to detail & delightful training techniques made the training session a joy. I will be very happy to use her again in the future!

Diane Swift, Dodleston

We recently re-homed a 5 year old lab cross. We discovered that he has fear and anxiety issues particularly on the lead. Before working with Marian, we tried countless things that we researched on the Internet to try and help, but to no avail. While we recognised he was reactive, we didn't fully understand why. With Marian's insight, we are now able to train him in a way that is more tailored to his needs. She also gave us some useful tips and techniques for him to tolerate our cat.

Zach and Melissa, Warrington